I am posting?? Seriously??

By | October 28, 2014

That’s what I’m asking myself! Hello folks, I feel as if I’m waking up from the dead.

I’m actually bored while waiting with each click and wait for paint to dry!…I’m at my day job. And yes, I’m still working 2 jobs…the day one is my full time, bring the bacon home job. Whereas the second one is more for the savings and spend-money, and to help a friend.

So so much has been going on. The bestest was my trip to Turkey, meeting up with my mom, sister and my sisters’ friends. So here are some of the pictures. I will post more pictures whenever I have the time and they are not in chronological order either :)

I was landed in Istanbul, Turkey on April 18 (Good Friday). My favorite picture taken in Turkey was the one in Ephesus…I never thought I would ever step foot on the grounds Saint Paul the Apostle preached and walked on!!

Ephesus - Library Celcius



Ephesus - Nike sign




Ephesus - Public latrines


Ephesus - The marble road

Ephesus - The Agora - market place

Ephesus - the theater

Basically this Turkey trip felt as if I was on a biblical tour! No kidding, the tour guide was rattling off about St. Paul, Peter and John the apostles…the followers of Jesus Christ. And the ancient cities we toured were the old biblical sites right off from the New Testatment – Acts of the Apostles. The below picture is the ancient city of Pergamon, the modern name is call Bergama.
Ancient city of Pergamon - ergama

Turkey overall is a beautiful country. It is a country that is so fruitful, so fertile, and not to forget the hundreds of biblical sites! We only touched a few of the cities. I definitely love the fresh produce and goat cheese. According to our guide, the sheep, goats, chicken, you name it, are all free range…organic!





Also we saw the “Trojan Horse”! We visited the ancient city of Troia…mine you, after all these stones and rocks, I’m all rocked out! Ancient this and that…Lordy! The below picture is just a replica of the real thing.
City of Troy

This is the “horse” we can actually climb in and check out the insides.
Replica of the Trojan Horse

And here is the ancient city of Troia…Troy in modern English. I honestly do not remember what the guide told us. I remember the city of build upon one city on top of each other from don’t know what BC or AD….from one invaders to the next. It is neat to see how the walls were erected up for invaders!




See what I meant by rocks and more rocks? Yeah we paid thousands of dollars to see them! However it is a wonder how these ancient dudes have the engineering skills to build these defensive cities. Skillful they were. and yes, this guide of ours specializes in biblical tours. Isn’t it obvious him going off with his biblical tales?

Istanbul is a very interesting city. So much to see but not enough time. It’s always the case when you are on a guided tour. Our guide’s most said phrase “Girls, hurry up and take your time”.

I have to say my favorite of all in Istanbul is Hagia Sophia, such a magnificent structure, astoundingly built to withstand natural disasters! And how many earthquakes it has gone through, I have actually forgotten…old timers’ disease is cooking in me!

Hagia Sophia was a church when it was first built and was turned into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. It is now a museum after the country became a Republic. This majestic place has both Christianity and Islam influences from the pictures and lovely mosaics but were badly destroyed through the years.
Istanbul - Hagia Sophia










Here are some pictures of the famous Blue Mosque or the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The only mosque that has 6 minarets. This mosque faces the Hagia Sophia…walking distance. And every mosque we went in, we have to put a scarf on. Hence you see a pic of me with a scarf on in the Blue Mosque
Istanbul - Blue Mosque

Istanbul - Blue Mosque

Istanbul - Blue Mosque


Istanbul - Blue Mosque


Istanbul - Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The below pictures are from the Topkapi Palace, built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed and was the residence of the Sultans during the Ottoman Empire for 400 years till the Domalbahce Palace was built and Topkapi was abandoned. However it was still protected for its importance.

One of the few courtyards…the middle courtyard, I think that’s what it is called.
Istanbul - Topkapi Palace

The Palace over looking Straits of Bosphorus

The Palace over looking Straits of Bosphorus

The Hall which is connected to the Harem, where the sultan views and listens to his advisors while he is up there in the "cage"

The Hall which is connected to the Harem, where the sultan views and listens to his advisors while he is up there in the “cage”

Part of the Harem

Part of the Harem

The fireplace to keep warm in the cold weather

The fireplace to keep warm in the cold weather

The Sultan's bed

The Sultan’s bed

Tiles and more tiles for your eyes

Tiles and more tiles for your eyes

One of the many many stained windows

One of the many many stained windows

Would I go back to Turkey again? I would, to the other biblical sites 😀

My new fav grocery store

By | October 15, 2013

Trader Joe’s is now becoming my favorite grocery store to go to every weekend. The nearest for me is in St. Paul. There are a few other locations throughout the cities. I have been to TJ’s many times but usually it was a quick drop in with my friend. I am now frequenting TJ’s every weekend either on my way to my friend’s or on the way home.

So one of these trips I dropped in TJ’s liqour store which is next to the grocer’s. They do have very interesting names for their hard liquor and beers.

Death’s Door Gin. Drink at your own risk. There were other’s from the same “Death” brand!

Vodka of the Gods….again…probably telling these boozers to be prepared to meet your Creator! LOL

Then I saw these V.S.O.P. and Hennesseys….looked at the prices, it’s so cheap where prices are in the $30s and $40s. I remember these few popular brands back in M’sia top the hundreds…RM200 plus maybe…

The beer and wine at TJ’s are cheap. Fat Weasel ale at $6.49 for a 6 pack is cheap and so are the other brands. There are some spendier ones and also different types of brew. My friend was the one who told me about the variety of brews sold at TJ’s. Thank goodness i don’t drink.

Black Toad beer. I now know what to get my sister when i go visit Spore….TJ’s wine and beer. 😀

I harvested these tomatoes from my friend’s tomato plants before the frost comes in this week. They were so green, hopefully by putting them by the window sill will help ripen them when I get there on Saturday. You can see the tomato plants through the blinds….I have yet to pull them out.

Oh this baby here is not too bad, though I won’t get it again. It was $1.49/container, little pricey for me, however, I bought two – a blueberry and a vanilla flavor. The blueberry has blueberry flavor and the same taste of coconut oil, if you have tried coconut oil (I actually love it). The vanilla is better than the blueberry. Again maybe because I like the “coconut oil” taste.

There are a lot more things in that store I want to buy and try. I am buying their store brand Cheerios. It’s way cheaper than the “Cheerios” brand. Another thing I like very much is their bread…the light rye is delightful….I could have eaten the whole darn loaf if I have no self-control. 😛

The trip to the outlet mall

By | October 4, 2013

I am no fan of outlet malls….it is a damn dangerous place to go….to waste your hard earn moolah!

My friend drove down from the north to the Cities with a friend of hers. We met up the next day, Saturday, at the outlet mall. I actually hitched a ride from another friend, since she needs do a bunch of shopping for her family before her trip home to M’sia.

It was a blah rainy Saturday. The only good thing was you don’t get wet going from one store to the other. The first store I went to was Aeropostale, the only place where I can find pants that fit me. No pictures but I bought 2 pair of jeans for $16 a piece…on sale.

Can y’all figure out what this line was for, with the crazy humans standing in the wind just to get in to that dreadful store!? There were 70% off plus another 50% coupon given out to customers. Btw, there were tons of folks from C*ina in that store.

I on the other hand went to the Corningware shop. I saw all these Correll plates….will get them changed some day. 😛

And don’t forget the Visons, too. I might get another smaller one. Looking at the price I was so tempted to get the whole deal.


I bought a few Pyrex containers for my dinner/lunches.

My friend’s friend bought a bag from MK also. It wasn’t as crazy as the other store with humans standing online to get their hands on those darn bags!

And my itchy feet walked in to this store…my dream snow boots for $138 yet I didn’t get it. The original price in the regular mall is around $160, I think. I tried it on, walked around, took them off, put them back on the shelf, took a pic and walked out. I’m going to keep dreaming about it. I might get it someday, somewhere.

I hopped over to Levis. Can’t find anything I like in this place but mainly more for my sister. I think her boys are into Levis. Think of it I was, too, when I was their age. I had a pair of 501 buttonfly, too, eons ago. It was such an in-thing back then. It’s now sitting in someone’s closet…yes, I gave it away coz my widening butt does not fit it anymore.
These 511’s I think are the ones my sister wanted for her #1. They are so cheap on sale, but it was only for that particular color…gray stonewashed.

We were at the outlet for almost 6 hours. I was tired and hungry. I bought a few clearance items from The Loft and couple of keychain LED flash lights from Eddie Bauer for walks in the dark. I wanted to buy another pair of Thermal insulated winter gloves from Columbia Sports but it wasn’t on sale yet. I have to make a trip after winter to catch the after season sales. Definitely not on Black Friday…the day after Thanksgiving. It would be a zoo.

Didn’t take too many pictures. This outlet mall is separated into 3 sections. We went to all three sections. By the time I was at the 3rd section, seriously I wanted to someone to carry me and sit my butt down.

My friend and I finally left the mall around 5:30 pm. Her last stop was at the dreadful C store, however, there were no more lines then. The crowd has dispersed…dinner time. There were a lot of empty shelves in the store…it’s as if they are free. I saw the bag my sister asked me to get her…it was $238 and with 50% off, you do the math. There were so many colors to pick. I bet if my sister was there, she will probably grab a few!


Where to start…..

By | September 13, 2013

I don’t even know where to start. I have abandoned this blog for the longest time ever. I do not have the time to update it anymore ever since I started working 2 jobs. It’s tiring.

Here are some pictures to do the talking for me 😀

Chase enjoying some fetching his tennis ball at the ball park. It’s no more stepping out to the back yard. I need to drive to the ballpark for this. I took this picture some time in early April.

I made some pork jerky…in the apartment. OMG….never again i will broil them in the oven. The smoke detector went off non stop.
RAZR 610

The below few pictures of Coach bags and shoes are some of the big ticket items I had to shop for my mom and sister. I went for a 3-week vacation in Spore/KL/Ipoh/Spore back in April. It was mainly for my uncle’s 80th birthday thingy held in KL. It was a surprised for my relatives. Only my mom, sis and her family knows plus a few of my close friends.

Coach for my sister
RAZR 686

Coach for my mom
RAZR 687

Below two Coachy wallets for my sister’s friends.
RAZR 688

RAZR 691

Shoes for the nephews, mom and sister.
RAZR 718

Landed in Spore on April 25th, the eating frenzy begins! :) One of the items my BIL bought…durian…mhmmmmm if only I can get the M’sian ones over here instead of the Thailand ones. The Thai durians have no kick to them!
RAZR 1053

Got to sight see in Spore. Finally saw the Sands and Gardens at the Bay, the Helix Bridge
RAZR 778

RAZR 811

Took a morning flight, on May 4, to KL…tanah air ku! :) Well, after all I’m still a M’sian citizen yet. We stayed at The Gardens, I can’t even remember, some mega mall across KL Sentral train station.
RAZR 885

Went back to Ipoh with my mom’s cousins to vote…standing in line for my turn.
RAZR 893

Took a picture of these banners….i might never see this again….just never know.
RAZR 894

The same day after voting, my friend took my mom and I makan at Ipoh’s Gourmet Square….nyonya kuih and my favorite coconut water. One young coconut in the States cost me USD2.99…cut throat!
RAZR 903

Then drove by my Ipoh house again, had to take a picture. That’s the last I saw it…April, 2013. Recently (early September) my friend sent me a picture of the house which now turned into a beauty salon, something like that :(
RAZR 904

Drove back to KL on the same day with my mom’s cousin. Had to take a picture of Ipoh’s limestone hills. Who knows if any will be left in the future! LOL
RAZR 905

My mom and I were in KL with my sister and her hubs after my mom and I got back from Ipoh. I met up with my former classmate, SY. It was so good seeing her again after so many darn years. My sister and hubs left for Spore on Monday, May 6, my mom and I took the train to Ipoh on May 7th. My friend SY took us to KL Sentral station. It was my first time taking a train ride in the new train. It was comfy and nice. I will do it again in the future.

Got to Ipoh, my friend YK picked us up at the station to Hotel Excelsior for check-in. Then she took us out to the pasar malam (night market). Dang, I missed it so much. Wanted to try the lok lok but was already so full from dinner plus a bowl of assam laksa and taufu fah. Yes, I was a pig! 😀
RAZR 934

In Ipoh my friend was our chauffeur. This is the stall my mom goes to for our pantry stuff…..my sister gave my mom a laundry list of what to buy from Ipoh….soy sauce was one of them. I cannot believe I missed the smell of the market!
RAZR 945

RAZR 946

Shot taken from the hotel room…had to take a picture of the hills and the rooftops….so pretty.
RAZR 957

My stay in Ipoh was quite short too…about 5 days, mainly shopping and eating and did some personal business.

Then it was time to go…took the bus from ipoh to Spore. Time flies when you are having fun….back to Spore.
RAZR 966

And not too long of a stay back in Spore, meeting former school mates, I was off to Changi Airport for my departure back to the O*b*m* Land! :(
RAZR 973

And back to Chase and DBs. While I was gone, Dbs took care of Chase. We found a new place to throw the ball for Chase….kitty corner by the apartments. Chase is one happy camper but still does not like the heat.
RAZR 990

So that’s all that happened in the past months. I’m still working at TR and at my friend’s restaurant….met up with K & M once, and I’m still going to the gym for Zumba and cycle classes.

Oh forgot to mentioned I bought a new cellphone last November, a MOtorola RAZR. It was mainly for emails and watching videos (queen seondeok drama). It’s not even a year old, my phone is lagging….darn apps. So i removed majority of the apps and only used it for phone calls, texting and a little Candy Crush-ing! Hope the phone does not die on me too soon.

< Chase and his snow >

By | February 14, 2013

It’s February, it’s warmer and the snow is melting. Well, there weren’t that much snow to begin with. Just the sporadic snow fall of an inch or two. Then freezing Arctic cold for a few days and then warm up. Chase loves the snow. He will walk, sit, and lay on it. I swear this dog’s internal temp is higher than any normal dogs. He heats up so fast.

Chasing cooling off after 20 minutes of non stop fetching

And eating some snow to quench his thirst.

I am thinking of buying new dog food for him after seeing the pet store putting up a banner at the entrance of the mall. Buying the food, Blue, online is way cheaper than at the store. I used to get $5 off coupons for this brand. I have to remember to keep them now.

Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013

By | February 14, 2013

Kung Hei Fatt Choy to all my peeps, 5 days late :) Nevertheless, it’s still CNY. Heheheh!! Wishing y’all a prosperous, happy and healthy year ahead! 😀

This year I drove northeast to my friend’s in Superior, WI to usher in the year of the Snake with her and her family plus couple of her friends. We ate and ate and ate till I almost exploded….It’s more of you snooze you loose kinda deal! :) It was awesome company and food. Chase had to stay back with DB.

Before I left to her place, she gave me her list of Asian groceries to shop in the cities which are cheaper and a lot of stuff she could not get where she’s at. It was a fun time for me….shopping in the Asian stores. Can’t believe I said that!!!!

Here’s the cooler filled with groceries for my friend. There were some in the trunk too.

While I was at the grocery store I saw belachan. Damn it’s not cheap.

And here are the dishes my friend made:

BBQ pork aka Char Siew

Sea cucumbers aka hoi sum, my mom’s recipe. I had to call my mom and asked her how to cook it! I know the ingredients – some of it and roughly how she cooked it but I still called her to firm it.


Sengkuang/cuttlefish dish. Our favorite dish while growing up!

There were more dishes but I didn’t take all the pictures. I was too much of a glutton. Eat first. :)

Then the drive home on Monday morning after the snow/sleet. Thank goodness the freeways were cleaned up good and the wind was drying it.

How was your CNY? :)

Deposit back! :)

By | January 18, 2013

ML sent me an email this morning saying she wouldn’t be able to make it on time to meet me and her friend this afternoon. She said she will a head to mail me my deposit back! Thanks be to God! I hate confrontation and my prayers answered! Great way to start a long weekend!

M & K will have dinner tonight at my place coz K wants to see my apartment. They said they want to meet Chase too. Chase would be glad to see them again. I tried cleaning up the place last night. Man, I tell you when you live on your own, you don’t really care if the place is a mess.

And here’s a picture of the apartment buildings overlooking the lake, the stretch of buildings sitting higher up. Just too bad my apartment is not facing the lake. I’m on the first floor looking out the parking spots!

Atrium Apt

< Vacation in Europe? >

By | January 18, 2013

S, a friend of mine during my secretarial classes days, is now in Paris. Ahhhh, Paris, the city I am dreaming to visit one day. Her company transferred her and her family for 3 years and she has the choice of searching for some paris luxury apartments. S invited me to visit her for my vacation. Oh I will and hopefully she will still be there when I eventually visit Paris….the Eiffle Tower, Notre Dame and the Versailles Palace, those are the three main places I want to see in Paris for sure.

< Declutter with storage bins >

By | January 18, 2013

It’s been a month since I signed the lease to my new place. I have to say it’s so nice to be at my own place without anyone bugging me! I still have lots of miscellaneous things laying around the apartment that buying some cheap plastic storage bins will help keep the clutter at bay. And DB mentioned they can go to the storage if need be which I will take that offer.

Living situation

By | January 10, 2013


Chase saying HI to you peeps out there. He was running towards me with the tennis ball in his mouth :)

Continuation from my previous post.

Did I move into the basement of the lady (ML) I was going to move in to on Dec 1? The answer is NO. The scoop from her was her bro was not able to move out by Dec 1, so she asked me in mid Nov if I can be flexible with the move date. I said I can but I still an approximate date. She said she will let me know the exact date after Thanksgiving.

Turkey day came and gone, I didn’t hear from ML. My friend said I can still look around for a place as long as I have not move in to her place. I did and saw an ad on Cr*igs for a very similar place I will be renting from the lady. This new ad was $550 for 2-bd, whole basement, utilities all included in rent and pets allowed. So I emailed for the location and telling who I am and having a dog myself.

No word till the next morning I went to work and checked my email. ML sent me an email in the subject “Confused” bombarded me saying her friend received an email from me. What are the odds, right??? My friend said I’m being played. ML said I didn’t keep my word. She said she cannot trust me now and since it’s my decision to not rent from her, she will not return my deposit of $350, which btw, she cashed out on the very same day i gave her. But she said she is not a bad person, she will return it.

I replied her and apologized that I wasn’t saying NO to her, I wasn’t backing off. It was only a backup incase her’s falls through. I told her I would still want to rent her place. Boy, she was not happy. That email from her pretty much tells me she is taking me for a ride (that’s how my father would put it, if he was still around). I talked to my friends and of course M & K. M said i should get the dep back. Afterall is my hard earned money. Long story short, instead of filing a small claims court case against her, she and I will be meeting with her “attorney” next week. She said she has an attorney. Hah, I will be damned if that person was an attorney unless it’s her friend.

Seriously, she shouldn’t have cashed out my check and now that she is short of money according to her email CONFUSED, and she can afford an attorney to sit for an hour at the coffee shop next week to meet with me and M??? Belony! I so wanted to say SCREW IT especially I’ totally a Yes-man, but M & K said I should get your deposit back. I am very darn sure the reason we are meeting next Friday is to negotiate the amount she can pay me.

I am trying to stay positive with this whole ML bullshit. Since I didn’t move to her place I found another place to move in to. I am now renting a one bedroom apt with Chase as my partner in crime. We moved in on Dec 27. He hates being in there by himself when I’m at work or even leave for an hour or two to run errands or to the gym. He would bark and whine. The neighbors are complaining that he barks too much. Well, I really guess that it’s super annoying if you sleeping and the dogs barks at 5:30 am till who knows what time or when i get home at 3 pm. I have just placed an order for a citronella dog no-bark collar. Hopefully I will get it the end of the week. My church friend, P, loaned me her dog’s thunder shirt. He is a very sensitive creature so with this new changes and lifestyle, i’m sure he is stressing out. The thunder shirt coddles his body and I have it on him now. I already received a letter from the apartment management about the neighbors complaining about his excessive barking.

Below are two pictures of Chase with the thunder shirt on him. When put it on him, he seems unsure but less than a minute, he laid down calmly and was calm ever since. Although I have to say when he hears noises, he still growls. Hopefully with this shirt and the soon to arrive Citronella no-bark spray collar will help the barking.

thunder shirt

New Year, 2013, I’m at a new place. Praying for good health for my family and friends. Really, that’s all I want is good health. I cannot afford to get sick or really really sick this year with the health insurance I have….I have to cough the money out first to pay for medical till I meet the deductible. Then the co-insurance will kick in. Bummer or what??? It’s either you need to have lots of savings or you need to be darn careful with your health and life! And I already got hit by the influenza bug. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m still out of work and didn’t see the doctor either. I bought some over the counter cold/flu medication, Alka-Seltzer and so far today is the fourth day, I’m still all stuffed up, coughing. No more fever and the chills, knock on wood. Tomorrow, my boss told me to stay home if I am not feeling that good.

Oh and 2013, on my first paycheck, I have already have a decreased on my paycheck….Federal taxes deduction increased. Yeah to BO! Not body odor, mine you! :) LOL

Happy New Year, 8 days late

By | January 8, 2013

Hello world, I’m taking a peek into my blog and noticed the last I posted was October of 2012. 3 whole months of absence. I am sure my paid posts “folks” have already taken me off their list. I want to write paid posts but I’m so wanting more time in my days and nights, and, and, and, and, a home PC that actually works and not freezes on me.

No new PC but a new cellphone which I got it in November 2012, shortly before Thanksgiving. I had to get it coz I was missing my one and only K-drama I am addicted to, The Great Queen Seondeok. I think I started watching it in October at my friend’s. I stayed up till almost 3 am but I only got watch 1-6 episodes. I should have started earlier during the evening. Oh well, the new cellphone is my new “PC” for the time being. The only thing I cannot do is play my FB games!!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!!

So how about life, my life, since this is where I talk most about my life to the world? It is good, I shouldn’t complain because there are others out there (at work) have it worse than I do.

I was working at my second job at my friend’s restaurant for 5 nights a week for a few months. Man, I have to say it was very tiring. It is because i have to get up so early in the morning for my day job. I don’t get home from the restaurant till 9, the latest 9:30. Of course when i get home I get cornered by the “two” in the house and chatter, chatter. Then I need to play with Chase. That fella needs me time! He’s like human. By the time I get to sleep it’s already past 11:15 and I get up around 4:40, 4:30 would be ideal. The lack of sleep was killing me. The good thing is my friend was able to hire a temporary after Christmas and till the end of the year. After Christmas it was so quiet in the restaurant and worse after NY. Everyone must be eating home to save for their credit card bills!!! That means I don’t even have to come in during the nights I have to come in. My friend will call me and tells me “Char bor boh seng li ar”. So I will have the afternoon and night to myself.

Next, my living situation….next post…..to be continued!! :)

Updates on Chase

By | October 11, 2012

Chase wants to say HI.

This was taken in my room, that is why you can see pretty much boxes behind his bed. His bed is right next to mine.

I have to admit I do not spend a lot of time with this fella. The hours I spent working away from home are more than I am at home with him. Don’t blame him for this moody look, right? Chase is such a sensitive dog. Any person who speak too loud for his ears, he will scram! And I am raising my hands for this!!! :(

The above pictures were taken when I got home from my second job. He was sound asleep and I woke him up and started playing with him.

He spends more time with M who feeds him and takes him to the corn and/or soccer fields (walking distance from the house) on evenings when I am working. Unless M has something going on in the church or hanging out with his neighbor buddies, he will feed Chase first, take him for a short walk or K will. Sometimes when I come home from work in the afternoons at 3-ish, he is in M’s office (M works from home). Funny how M allows Chase to come upstairs freely and he will even open the door to the basement. K told me to shut the basement door every time I leave the house and I always do but M was the one who “broke K’s rule”! Me no say to that. Needless to say, Chase is very attach to M, just simply likes M to death….goes to him all the time except when I am home. With K, he is ok with her.

I have to say this, he sure knows who’s the boss in the house. He totally respects M, like he knows M is the alpha. K he will obey her commands but does not go to her for play or pats. Me, we are play buddies!!! LOL

When Chase and I move in a month plus, I will arrange a sitter to “entertain” and feed him when I’m gone in the evenings at the restaurant (3 evenings). Praise the God! He has helped me remove my worries on this matter. My friend always remind me that God will not give you something that is bigger than you can handle and I affirmed that!

It has sunk in

By | October 8, 2012

After I told the M&K, or should I said told the utmost details to K, about my future rental place and the move in date by the girl, M, I think it has finally sunk into their heads that I am really going to go.

Why I said that was the night (Monday, Oct 1) I told K whom he heard from her hubby, M, that I was going to see a place for rent that afternoon, I got home from my other job around 9:10 pm. No one was around but as soon as I walked upstairs to the kitchen, she walked so fast out from her room.

Here’s the conversation we had…..a brief summary
K: I heard you saw a place to rent. How did that go?
Me: Yeah, I did. It went great and I put in my deposit already. Talking about dropping the bomb, if I had a camera on me, I would have recorded the whole scenario.
K: Wow, really?
Me: Yes indeed. I saw it, I like it and told the girl I will take it.
K: How much is the rent? Where is it? How come so soon?
Me: So soon what? To accept the place, you mean?
K: Yeah, do you need M and me to come take a look at the place for you? In my heart, I was already cussing. I wanted to roll my eyes but of course I didnt
Me: Nope, the moment I started talking to the girl, and what included in the rent, I accepted aright away.
K: So, tell me, what’s included in the rent, how much is the rent?
Me: The rent is $650 which includes the entire basement of 2 bedrooms, family room, entertainment center, recliners, sofa, bathroom, linen closet, queen bed, computer table, use of laundry room, kitchen and the best of all, no deposit for bringing Chase with me.
K: WOW! Her eyes were really big when she said that. Congratulations, Dawn!. I cannot believe this. When is the move in date?
Me: She said December 1. I can’t let a good deal fly by.
K: You sure you don’t us to meet this girl and give you our opinion? You trust her? Where did you look this place up? At this point I wanted to really really wanted to roll my eyes so bad.
Me: I saw this ad from Cr*&gsli&t. Nope, I am sure, thanks for your offer tho. I don’t know, the trust is there between us.
K: I wouldn’t dare go to see a place by myself. Man, this is God answering your prayers……blah, blah blah. Did she give you anything to sign like a lease?
Me: No she didnt but she said she will type something up. You know I was BS-ing her here because if I said yes, she would want me to show her. She always wants to see the things I bought, or laying around or what I’m doing, etc.
K: Where is this place?
Me: It’s at the border of R**em#&^t and AV on blah blah Street. It’s quite close to C’s house. Nice that this place is in AV coz i don’t want to drive too far from C’s restaurant especially in the winter time.
K: You are very sure you are ok with this place? What is her name? Is she working? Married you know and with children? Do you know who is living there now? Blah blah blah

If it’s one of you guys, how would you feel if these questions were laid out on you? Man, I feel like telling her to mind her bloody business, but again, I didn’t, persevere, put on a happy face, attitude and told her every damn thing about this girl, ML.

The conversation went on to about how much her niece is paying for a one-bedroom apartment which is $850 nothing included and a pet deposit and monthly fee for the dog is separate. She went on to say “you got yourself an awesome deal.” She kept saying she is very surprised this is happening. I wanted to ask her what is happening, that me getting a place that soon instead of next year, maybe. I didn’t want to ask. The more I ask, the more she is going to interrogate me.

The the inviteble questions I wanted to avoid.
K: Can you afford this rent? Are you able to pay the rent and the debts? What about the State and IRS you are paying? Are you stil……blah blah blah. Seriously, I want to just walk away, take my shower and sleep. All these questions and answers session seems like frigging forever to me.
Me: Yup, got them mostly paid down and some are already paid off. I wanted to askd her if she wants to know when was the last time I gave the bird to someone!

And I went on to thank her and M for graciously welcoming me into their home. She said that would have saved you a lot on rent, pay the debs, get back on your feet, and seriously, I began to switch her off.

I must have the word “Yann” stuck in me or whatever it is, I didn’t blow my top off. I slowly inched my way to the stairs but the questions kept coming. Till I told her I really have to get into the shower. The time was 10:15 when i got into my room and sat on the floor to play with Chase. Damn woman, you took those extra time I have with Chase talking to you.

The next night I got home around 8:45 (business was slow at the restaurant), M&K and Chase were in the garage enjoying the cool evening. I saw Chase and knew M would be with him, but both of were there. K told me she told M about our conversation and “We are still very surprised with this piece of news…blah blah blah.” M said he’s proud of me, gave me a pat on the shoulder. So I hung out with them till 9:20 doing my Q&A session with them.

I T I S G E T T I N G V E R Y D A M N O L D!!!

Handyman can

By | October 8, 2012

I went over to DB’s place couple weekends ago. He is definitely working around the house for the realton friend. Anything that’s need a fixing, she will have him to fix it….well, why not, it will save a ton of money if she had hired someone to do them. She told me she ordered couple speaker mounts from Premier Mounts Store for speakers in the basement. DB said he does not mind dong these stuff at all which was nice. Plus Molly, the mutt, keeps him company wherever he goes in the houes!

A SWEET deal

By | October 4, 2012

After i posted about my updates last week, I searched for rooms again on Cr&*igsl^st. I found one that was newly posted for that Friday, for $650 for the entire lower level with 2 rooms plus all utilities and internet and cable. I thought about it and continued searching for cheaper ones that are within my desirable range, $450-550.

I did find a couple and went back to the $650 ad. I proceeded to send an email to enquire about it, giving some details about myself. Within 10 minutes I received and email from the poster, ML. Wow, I was surprised. I was asked for move in date which I wanted Nov 1 but the landlord wants a Dec 1 for new tenants. I said not a problem at all.

We then made arrangements to meet at her home for me to view it. We corresponded via my work email for a while and told her to switch to my home email which I can still access with my cell. We agreed to meet on Sunday at 10:30 afer Mass. I didn’t bring Chase with me which i wanted to but then I had to go back to my house to get him…well, I wasn’t in a blardy mood to do so.

I went to the place and introduced ourselves. The moment I walked downstairs, I liked it already. I know I will have the entire basement which I was told would be empty with two bedrooms all to myself. She had told me she want one room mate only. Currently her bro is living in the basement but moving out on Dec 1. The basement I saw was completely furnished. She said before I move in on Dec 1, she will have her furniture move to a storage. I told her I wouldn’t mind if she leaves them where they are. Reason being I don’t own one single piece of furniture. All I have are my clothes in boxes and luggage plus a few boxes of files.

She was so happy when I told her she could leave her furniture there. She is leaving the queen bed, big screen TV, sectional sofa, recliner, dresser, computer desk for me. Washer and dryer, the entire bathroom and linen closet are included in the rent plus full use of the kitchen and dining area which is upstairs.

We then spoke about Chase. She said there is no pet deposit and monthly rent for Chase. Her bro currently has a dog in the house. In addition, there is a walk-out patio door which will be so convenient for me to take Chase out for his frisbee addiction! Another plus for this $650 is I will get my own parking stall in the garage with my own code to the garage. Before I left, I told her I would confirm with her tomorrow, Monday, if I want the place. I told her I have sent out couple of other emails in response to the other ads but so far no replies from them.

The next day, I checked my emails for the other two ads I sent out but nada. I went ahead to sent ML an email telling her I would like to put down a deposit ($350) and the application fee of $25 for her basement. I also asked her to drop $50 off the original rental fee and she was happy to do so. She said I don’t need to pay the application fee because she trust me and I seemed to be a very responsible person. :)

Later that afternoon, we met at a coffee shop so I could give her the check for the deposit and she gave me a print out of what she we agreed on the “lease”. It’s a month-to-month “lease”.

Boy, I’m in high heaven! I’m finally doing something on my blardy own.

Will tell the story of how I was smothered when i told the tale of the above to K!!! @_@