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By | September 28, 2012

I am losing track of time. I hardly write anything about what’s going on with me or what I did anymore. I do want to write about what’s going on but not sure if I should. Anyways, I will just rant on.

Like I mentioned in the paid post, time is flying by for me….way too fast. I have moved on to another chapter of my life. Living with friends from church and now thinking of moving out. I want to say, yes, I am indeed very grateful and appreciate all I was and is still given but some times I feel like I am like a child. Dictating some of the things I need to do, how I must do this and that, signing me up for classes, asking my whereabouts, with who and time, asking to see and need to know my expenses, budget, etc, I tell you what, it is very old, very intruding. I do feel I am 14 years old again, or even younger. Sounds damn ungrateful, doesn’t it? I know I need to communicate with them but not till I have to go every where they are going – concerts, charity events/concerts, walks, church, reading the bible (in the house).

I am cleaning the basement and entryway every Saturday and mop up the linoleum floor in the basement every day, keeping it dog hair free as much as possible and trying to keep Chase downstairs all the time that’s all I’m doing. Yet Chase still gets the boot downstairs when K comes home from work….he went up to greet her. Or when I’m upstairs chatting with M, Chase will follow me and he is very attached to M coz M takes him to the soccer fields all the time plus M works at home, so he spends a lot of time with Chase. K would ask Chase to go downstairs even when I’m upstairs chatting with M and Chase is laying in the living room carpet. She does not like Chase on the so call wood floor in the kitchen at all. And if he does come in, I can hear her “Chase, out” and so before I even enter the kitchen and if Chase is with me, I would command him to lay down on the carpet.

The first few days when we got to the house, the entryway has only one rug, then 2, and 3. Now it’s totally covered with rugs, every inch of it. There are a total of 5 rugs, big and small!! o_O K is a super clean and organize person. Everything is laid out perfectly includin the pantry, spice cabinets, dishes/pots/pans, refrigerator. Bottle or box labels all need to face out when storing them back in their respective spot. I know coz I put them back the other way and I saw her going in there to move the bottles/boxes in the pantry, cabinets and fridge to have the labels facing out.

Empty plastic containers/tupperwares have to be stored with its respective covers on them. However I thought since I brought some of mine over and kept them with the lid off so I can stack them containers neatly and it does saves space if containers are stacked without the lid on them, she removed them and put the lids on them. Fine. Next couple of days, the lids were gone and they were stacked like how I did them earlier. Mind games! After a week, the lids are back on all of them and remained that way plus new rules. No plasctic containers in the dishwasher anymore. She said the plastic lids are all over the washer when she clears them. They need to be handwashed. I handwashed them at work and bring them home.

I took pictures of where I’m staying now but it’s still residing in the memory card. 

Sometimes I wonder did I ever grow up? Grow in size sideways, a definite YES! :)

Man, I never expected all these when I was told I can come and go as I want and do whatever I want. My initial plan was to stay till spring (March/April), however, I’m changing plans. My friend, P, from church, the lady who helps me with Ranger’s and the vet’s bills, said how I can tolerate that. She knows me so well….I do talk to P a lot and like I had mentioned before, I take like my mom. She is like me, very easy going, dog comes first in our lives, does not bother if we have dog hair on us or on the furniture, bed, clothes. In other words, cleanliness when we have dogs is secondary. P said i need hurry the hell up to look for a place to move out. I don’t need to stress over how i need to live my life.

So, yes, I’m planning on finding a place of my own very soon…..rent a room or a basement for Chase and I. P is going to help me with Chase when I am moved out on my own. You see, I leave so darn early in the morning for work, get home at 3 and disappear for another 4 plus hours. P said Chase would need to get out and get fed….stick to his schedule. She gave me her contact for her dog sitter/walker to take Chase out on the days I’m gone for my 2nd job and she, P, is going to pay the fees. She said she is not doing it for me, but for Chase. I told her I was all ready to give Chase up once I plan on moving out on my own. P is a dog person, very devoted to dogs. She said she will never ever let me give Chase up. Hence, she is going to help me with him. AWwwwwwww….makes me want to cry.

Next, did I mention I got rid of my red baby, the Monte Carlo? In reality I didn’t get rid of it, I moved it to DB’s place. It’s not insured for now since no one is driving it. It’s temporary parked in a friend’s garage. In replace of my red baby which I still missed, is a 1999 Toyota Camry, 4-cyclinder car, save on gas, nothing fancy, takes me to point A-B-A.

I got the car on August 3, and the car has not past inspection yet! The mechanic, R, who is a friend of C and her hubs, L, buys these salvage Camrys and fixed them up. This car has 5800 miles on it. It still drives damn smooth, just missing air conditioning and ABS (anti-brake system). R said he will get the car in for inspection (a mandatory thing) and fix the ABS, tune up and oil change when I hit the next 2500 miles.

The above shows where my Camry came from….any Toyota parts one needs, are all there.

Summer months were crazy for me with all the moving, yard sale, moving and cleaning the old place up. Plus working at my friend’s restaurant makes the week fly fast. I gotta say my Canto is not that rusty anymore. We speak a mixture of Canto, English, Mandarin, Hokkien and of course BM in the restaurant. And if my friend’s kid is there, Singlish comes in to play. That kid loves Pua Chu Kang which I have not even heard of till he told me and pulled it up on UTube for me to watch on his dad’s phone. Kids and modern technology! So, I have a fair share of speaking PCK with this kid.

My home PC is dead, not booting at all.  I took it back to DBs whenever he feels and have the time to look into it.  He did some fixing, got it to boot and is running but I didn’t bother to bring home with me. I have no PC to play my FB games so good riddance bad rubbish, indeed.  I would check my emails and FB at work if possible or whenever I get upstairs to the library.  When I’m home, I don’t really have the time to check my emails or FB on my cellphone.  Reason being my cellphone has very very low memory.  It takes a while to load anything if I am using the browser feature.  The time I ever use it is when I am on the  cycle machine before the spinning instructor shows up! Even at home when I’m downstairs to get away from yakking. Having the phone to check my emails or surf while eating my meals when I’m by myself is heaven!

When I have the time at work, I will check for rooms availability. I wanted to go for studio aptmnts but they are way too spendy for me right now. Will hunt for one next year.

Ok, rant over. That’s about all the stuff that happened for the past few months.


Melissa on September 28, 2012 at 3:22 pm.

Makes me sad to hear about ur situation! Does chase shed a lot? Maybe you should try and bush him more often so he don’t shed as much in the house. Was K like this at first? Why did she agree to let chase stay there if she behaves like this? I hate to stay with other people that’s why. Plus treating you worst than a kid! Gosh!!! Must tahan a little while until you can get back on your two feet. What to do right? Just hope it will be sooner than later.

Huh you don’t know Pua Chu Kang? Luckily he was popular when I was still living in Malaysia but not sure about now.

I hope things will turn out better for you really soon! I would hate to go home if I were if is not for chase huh? Take care! Xoxo
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Che-Cheh on September 30, 2012 at 9:45 am.

Ahh that’s a downer. Hope you find a good place soon and I hope Chase get to stay with you.

tasy on September 30, 2012 at 10:15 am.

*big hugs*

wish you a blessed mid autumn festival (that’s right now over here!)
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