It has sunk in

By | October 8, 2012

After I told the M&K, or should I said told the utmost details to K, about my future rental place and the move in date by the girl, M, I think it has finally sunk into their heads that I am really going to go.

Why I said that was the night (Monday, Oct 1) I told K whom he heard from her hubby, M, that I was going to see a place for rent that afternoon, I got home from my other job around 9:10 pm. No one was around but as soon as I walked upstairs to the kitchen, she walked so fast out from her room.

Here’s the conversation we had…..a brief summary
K: I heard you saw a place to rent. How did that go?
Me: Yeah, I did. It went great and I put in my deposit already. Talking about dropping the bomb, if I had a camera on me, I would have recorded the whole scenario.
K: Wow, really?
Me: Yes indeed. I saw it, I like it and told the girl I will take it.
K: How much is the rent? Where is it? How come so soon?
Me: So soon what? To accept the place, you mean?
K: Yeah, do you need M and me to come take a look at the place for you? In my heart, I was already cussing. I wanted to roll my eyes but of course I didnt
Me: Nope, the moment I started talking to the girl, and what included in the rent, I accepted aright away.
K: So, tell me, what’s included in the rent, how much is the rent?
Me: The rent is $650 which includes the entire basement of 2 bedrooms, family room, entertainment center, recliners, sofa, bathroom, linen closet, queen bed, computer table, use of laundry room, kitchen and the best of all, no deposit for bringing Chase with me.
K: WOW! Her eyes were really big when she said that. Congratulations, Dawn!. I cannot believe this. When is the move in date?
Me: She said December 1. I can’t let a good deal fly by.
K: You sure you don’t us to meet this girl and give you our opinion? You trust her? Where did you look this place up? At this point I wanted to really really wanted to roll my eyes so bad.
Me: I saw this ad from Cr*&gsli&t. Nope, I am sure, thanks for your offer tho. I don’t know, the trust is there between us.
K: I wouldn’t dare go to see a place by myself. Man, this is God answering your prayers……blah, blah blah. Did she give you anything to sign like a lease?
Me: No she didnt but she said she will type something up. You know I was BS-ing her here because if I said yes, she would want me to show her. She always wants to see the things I bought, or laying around or what I’m doing, etc.
K: Where is this place?
Me: It’s at the border of R**em#&^t and AV on blah blah Street. It’s quite close to C’s house. Nice that this place is in AV coz i don’t want to drive too far from C’s restaurant especially in the winter time.
K: You are very sure you are ok with this place? What is her name? Is she working? Married you know and with children? Do you know who is living there now? Blah blah blah

If it’s one of you guys, how would you feel if these questions were laid out on you? Man, I feel like telling her to mind her bloody business, but again, I didn’t, persevere, put on a happy face, attitude and told her every damn thing about this girl, ML.

The conversation went on to about how much her niece is paying for a one-bedroom apartment which is $850 nothing included and a pet deposit and monthly fee for the dog is separate. She went on to say “you got yourself an awesome deal.” She kept saying she is very surprised this is happening. I wanted to ask her what is happening, that me getting a place that soon instead of next year, maybe. I didn’t want to ask. The more I ask, the more she is going to interrogate me.

The the inviteble questions I wanted to avoid.
K: Can you afford this rent? Are you able to pay the rent and the debts? What about the State and IRS you are paying? Are you stil……blah blah blah. Seriously, I want to just walk away, take my shower and sleep. All these questions and answers session seems like frigging forever to me.
Me: Yup, got them mostly paid down and some are already paid off. I wanted to askd her if she wants to know when was the last time I gave the bird to someone!

And I went on to thank her and M for graciously welcoming me into their home. She said that would have saved you a lot on rent, pay the debs, get back on your feet, and seriously, I began to switch her off.

I must have the word “Yann” stuck in me or whatever it is, I didn’t blow my top off. I slowly inched my way to the stairs but the questions kept coming. Till I told her I really have to get into the shower. The time was 10:15 when i got into my room and sat on the floor to play with Chase. Damn woman, you took those extra time I have with Chase talking to you.

The next night I got home around 8:45 (business was slow at the restaurant), M&K and Chase were in the garage enjoying the cool evening. I saw Chase and knew M would be with him, but both of were there. K told me she told M about our conversation and “We are still very surprised with this piece of news…blah blah blah.” M said he’s proud of me, gave me a pat on the shoulder. So I hung out with them till 9:20 doing my Q&A session with them.

I T I S G E T T I N G V E R Y D A M N O L D!!!


aiyahnonya on October 8, 2012 at 6:17 pm.


Che-Cheh on October 8, 2012 at 9:17 pm.

I think this is worst than a mother interrogating their own kid. Haha

Yan! Yan! Yan!
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Three Crazy Dogs on October 19, 2012 at 1:08 pm.

Che-Cheh, I yan till I almost chou kan lor!!! LOL

melissa on October 9, 2012 at 10:28 am.

I’m positive u’re grateful but man THEY ARE WORST THAN MY OWN PARENTS!! My own parents STOPPED asking me all these questions before I graduated from high school!! Gosh..Dec 1 is not here soon enough!!lol
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Three Crazy Dogs on October 19, 2012 at 1:07 pm.

Melissa, feels like I’m a 6-year kid all over again. You are right, Dec 1 is not here soon enough.

Shirley on October 14, 2012 at 8:16 pm.

i truly understand your feelings and anger.Im currently living together with my MIL.She’s 72,and the reason we live with her cos she cannot afford to live on her own.But ..gosh..she’s like a shadow whenever my husband go out..she’ll be calling him on the phone every 20 mins till i told my husband I cannot take it anymore.Then it stopped but at longer period of hours.She will interoggate him as soon as we stepped into the house.We are planning to move out and she’s regretting..but too late..Kwailoh women thought the can bully us chinese DIL..My friend is also going thru a similar position..
Take care..Anyways…Im in Florence,Alabama ..

Three Crazy Dogs on October 19, 2012 at 1:12 pm.

Shirley, Thanks for dropping by. Btw, are you Shirley Lim from MC, Ipoh?

I’m glad my MIL is in TX and all I know is she does not care less what her kids do. Some of her kids still live with her and they said their mom minds her own business – smoke and drink!!

Good to know you and your hubs will be moving to your own place. Hope she won’t “lum” the son to bring her along, that would be a disaster.