Happy New Year, 8 days late

By | January 8, 2013

Hello world, I’m taking a peek into my blog and noticed the last I posted was October of 2012. 3 whole months of absence. I am sure my paid posts “folks” have already taken me off their list. I want to write paid posts but I’m so wanting more time in my days and nights, and, and, and, and, a home PC that actually works and not freezes on me.

No new PC but a new cellphone which I got it in November 2012, shortly before Thanksgiving. I had to get it coz I was missing my one and only K-drama I am addicted to, The Great Queen Seondeok. I think I started watching it in October at my friend’s. I stayed up till almost 3 am but I only got watch 1-6 episodes. I should have started earlier during the evening. Oh well, the new cellphone is my new “PC” for the time being. The only thing I cannot do is play my FB games!!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!!

So how about life, my life, since this is where I talk most about my life to the world? It is good, I shouldn’t complain because there are others out there (at work) have it worse than I do.

I was working at my second job at my friend’s restaurant for 5 nights a week for a few months. Man, I have to say it was very tiring. It is because i have to get up so early in the morning for my day job. I don’t get home from the restaurant till 9, the latest 9:30. Of course when i get home I get cornered by the “two” in the house and chatter, chatter. Then I need to play with Chase. That fella needs me time! He’s like human. By the time I get to sleep it’s already past 11:15 and I get up around 4:40, 4:30 would be ideal. The lack of sleep was killing me. The good thing is my friend was able to hire a temporary after Christmas and till the end of the year. After Christmas it was so quiet in the restaurant and worse after NY. Everyone must be eating home to save for their credit card bills!!! That means I don’t even have to come in during the nights I have to come in. My friend will call me and tells me “Char bor boh seng li ar”. So I will have the afternoon and night to myself.

Next, my living situation….next post…..to be continued!! :)


Che-Cheh on January 9, 2013 at 12:09 pm.

Happy New Year yo!!!
Yes you’ve been MIA.

Ahh no wonder no time… So are you back to become bz bee again?

Three Crazy Dogs on January 10, 2013 at 10:14 pm.

Che-Cheh: I’m not that bz like the past few months but now doing a bible study so taking lots of my evening times and day job is super busy. Guess that’s good! :)