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By | January 10, 2013


Chase saying HI to you peeps out there. He was running towards me with the tennis ball in his mouth :)

Continuation from my previous post.

Did I move into the basement of the lady (ML) I was going to move in to on Dec 1? The answer is NO. The scoop from her was her bro was not able to move out by Dec 1, so she asked me in mid Nov if I can be flexible with the move date. I said I can but I still an approximate date. She said she will let me know the exact date after Thanksgiving.

Turkey day came and gone, I didn’t hear from ML. My friend said I can still look around for a place as long as I have not move in to her place. I did and saw an ad on Cr*igs for a very similar place I will be renting from the lady. This new ad was $550 for 2-bd, whole basement, utilities all included in rent and pets allowed. So I emailed for the location and telling who I am and having a dog myself.

No word till the next morning I went to work and checked my email. ML sent me an email in the subject “Confused” bombarded me saying her friend received an email from me. What are the odds, right??? My friend said I’m being played. ML said I didn’t keep my word. She said she cannot trust me now and since it’s my decision to not rent from her, she will not return my deposit of $350, which btw, she cashed out on the very same day i gave her. But she said she is not a bad person, she will return it.

I replied her and apologized that I wasn’t saying NO to her, I wasn’t backing off. It was only a backup incase her’s falls through. I told her I would still want to rent her place. Boy, she was not happy. That email from her pretty much tells me she is taking me for a ride (that’s how my father would put it, if he was still around). I talked to my friends and of course M & K. M said i should get the dep back. Afterall is my hard earned money. Long story short, instead of filing a small claims court case against her, she and I will be meeting with her “attorney” next week. She said she has an attorney. Hah, I will be damned if that person was an attorney unless it’s her friend.

Seriously, she shouldn’t have cashed out my check and now that she is short of money according to her email CONFUSED, and she can afford an attorney to sit for an hour at the coffee shop next week to meet with me and M??? Belony! I so wanted to say SCREW IT especially I’ totally a Yes-man, but M & K said I should get your deposit back. I am very darn sure the reason we are meeting next Friday is to negotiate the amount she can pay me.

I am trying to stay positive with this whole ML bullshit. Since I didn’t move to her place I found another place to move in to. I am now renting a one bedroom apt with Chase as my partner in crime. We moved in on Dec 27. He hates being in there by himself when I’m at work or even leave for an hour or two to run errands or to the gym. He would bark and whine. The neighbors are complaining that he barks too much. Well, I really guess that it’s super annoying if you sleeping and the dogs barks at 5:30 am till who knows what time or when i get home at 3 pm. I have just placed an order for a citronella dog no-bark collar. Hopefully I will get it the end of the week. My church friend, P, loaned me her dog’s thunder shirt. He is a very sensitive creature so with this new changes and lifestyle, i’m sure he is stressing out. The thunder shirt coddles his body and I have it on him now. I already received a letter from the apartment management about the neighbors complaining about his excessive barking.

Below are two pictures of Chase with the thunder shirt on him. When put it on him, he seems unsure but less than a minute, he laid down calmly and was calm ever since. Although I have to say when he hears noises, he still growls. Hopefully with this shirt and the soon to arrive Citronella no-bark spray collar will help the barking.

thunder shirt

New Year, 2013, I’m at a new place. Praying for good health for my family and friends. Really, that’s all I want is good health. I cannot afford to get sick or really really sick this year with the health insurance I have….I have to cough the money out first to pay for medical till I meet the deductible. Then the co-insurance will kick in. Bummer or what??? It’s either you need to have lots of savings or you need to be darn careful with your health and life! And I already got hit by the influenza bug. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m still out of work and didn’t see the doctor either. I bought some over the counter cold/flu medication, Alka-Seltzer and so far today is the fourth day, I’m still all stuffed up, coughing. No more fever and the chills, knock on wood. Tomorrow, my boss told me to stay home if I am not feeling that good.

Oh and 2013, on my first paycheck, I have already have a decreased on my paycheck….Federal taxes deduction increased. Yeah to BO! Not body odor, mine you! :) LOL


melissa on January 13, 2013 at 11:16 am.

I’m glad you got out and have your own place. But sad at the same time that poor chase is lonely and scared. Maybe he just need some time to get use to it. I guess try spending as much time as you can with him that’s all you can do.

That’s BS! It don’t matter that you arr looking for another place! As long as she has your deposit you will have to move in! If you break the lease she can keep the deposit. Now she is the one that is taking you for a joy ride. Yell her she is lucky u didn’t ask her to compensate your inconvenience! She should return your deposit in full! Tell her if she don’t you will take her to small court. Is the matter of principal plus you guys have black and white paper work right? Good luck! Keep us updated.

Please take care if your self! Yeah us too this year must pay in full until deductible is met. Cheers to a great new year to you!

Che-Cheh on January 16, 2013 at 11:06 am.

Aiyaya… that ML girl is horrible le. Hope you get your deposit back.
The funny thing is how come they (ML and her friend) can talk about you in their conversation? (I guess that’s how ML found out about you looking for another place). Got so coincidence meh? I really don’t believe that.

Glad you found a new place. Ohh poor Chase. I guess being locked up in a room is no fun ya. Hope he will settle down soon. And do play with him and give him lots of love.

So that thunder shirt thing really work eh? I’ve placed their ad in my blog before so I’ve heard about the name.