Where to start…..

By | September 13, 2013

I don’t even know where to start. I have abandoned this blog for the longest time ever. I do not have the time to update it anymore ever since I started working 2 jobs. It’s tiring.

Here are some pictures to do the talking for me πŸ˜€

Chase enjoying some fetching his tennis ball at the ball park. It’s no more stepping out to the back yard. I need to drive to the ballpark for this. I took this picture some time in early April.

I made some pork jerky…in the apartment. OMG….never again i will broil them in the oven. The smoke detector went off non stop.
RAZR 610

The below few pictures of Coach bags and shoes are some of the big ticket items I had to shop for my mom and sister. I went for a 3-week vacation in Spore/KL/Ipoh/Spore back in April. It was mainly for my uncle’s 80th birthday thingy held in KL. It was a surprised for my relatives. Only my mom, sis and her family knows plus a few of my close friends.

Coach for my sister
RAZR 686

Coach for my mom
RAZR 687

Below two Coachy wallets for my sister’s friends.
RAZR 688

RAZR 691

Shoes for the nephews, mom and sister.
RAZR 718

Landed in Spore on April 25th, the eating frenzy begins! :) One of the items my BIL bought…durian…mhmmmmm if only I can get the M’sian ones over here instead of the Thailand ones. The Thai durians have no kick to them!
RAZR 1053

Got to sight see in Spore. Finally saw the Sands and Gardens at the Bay, the Helix Bridge
RAZR 778

RAZR 811

Took a morning flight, on May 4, to KL…tanah air ku! :) Well, after all I’m still a M’sian citizen yet. We stayed at The Gardens, I can’t even remember, some mega mall across KL Sentral train station.
RAZR 885

Went back to Ipoh with my mom’s cousins to vote…standing in line for my turn.
RAZR 893

Took a picture of these banners….i might never see this again….just never know.
RAZR 894

The same day after voting, my friend took my mom and I makan at Ipoh’s Gourmet Square….nyonya kuih and my favorite coconut water. One young coconut in the States cost me USD2.99…cut throat!
RAZR 903

Then drove by my Ipoh house again, had to take a picture. That’s the last I saw it…April, 2013. Recently (early September) my friend sent me a picture of the house which now turned into a beauty salon, something like that :(
RAZR 904

Drove back to KL on the same day with my mom’s cousin. Had to take a picture of Ipoh’s limestone hills. Who knows if any will be left in the future! LOL
RAZR 905

My mom and I were in KL with my sister and her hubs after my mom and I got back from Ipoh. I met up with my former classmate, SY. It was so good seeing her again after so many darn years. My sister and hubs left for Spore on Monday, May 6, my mom and I took the train to Ipoh on May 7th. My friend SY took us to KL Sentral station. It was my first time taking a train ride in the new train. It was comfy and nice. I will do it again in the future.

Got to Ipoh, my friend YK picked us up at the station to Hotel Excelsior for check-in. Then she took us out to the pasar malam (night market). Dang, I missed it so much. Wanted to try the lok lok but was already so full from dinner plus a bowl of assam laksa and taufu fah. Yes, I was a pig! πŸ˜€
RAZR 934

In Ipoh my friend was our chauffeur. This is the stall my mom goes to for our pantry stuff…..my sister gave my mom a laundry list of what to buy from Ipoh….soy sauce was one of them. I cannot believe I missed the smell of the market!
RAZR 945

RAZR 946

Shot taken from the hotel room…had to take a picture of the hills and the rooftops….so pretty.
RAZR 957

My stay in Ipoh was quite short too…about 5 days, mainly shopping and eating and did some personal business.

Then it was time to go…took the bus from ipoh to Spore. Time flies when you are having fun….back to Spore.
RAZR 966

And not too long of a stay back in Spore, meeting former school mates, I was off to Changi Airport for my departure back to the O*b*m* Land! :(
RAZR 973

And back to Chase and DBs. While I was gone, Dbs took care of Chase. We found a new place to throw the ball for Chase….kitty corner by the apartments. Chase is one happy camper but still does not like the heat.
RAZR 990

So that’s all that happened in the past months. I’m still working at TR and at my friend’s restaurant….met up with K & M once, and I’m still going to the gym for Zumba and cycle classes.

Oh forgot to mentioned I bought a new cellphone last November, a MOtorola RAZR. It was mainly for emails and watching videos (queen seondeok drama). It’s not even a year old, my phone is lagging….darn apps. So i removed majority of the apps and only used it for phone calls, texting and a little Candy Crush-ing! Hope the phone does not die on me too soon.


Che-Cheh on September 14, 2013 at 1:27 am.

Ahhh finally you update your blog! I know how it feels coming home tired from work… blog is the last thing on the mind.

Chase is so big and hunky in these photos.

Haha I know it must be Coach. Even my sis bought quite a few bags back from the US. I’ve yet to visit the Marina Bay Sands though. Somehow no feeling wanna go Singapore.

Ohh missing the smell of the market? I do too sometime. Haha
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Aiyah Nonya on September 15, 2013 at 12:52 am.

Wei…. thought you got abducted by aliens if there were no FB. :)
Nice update. Hope to see you around and iPhone 5c and 5s is out.. !!!!Time to change….:)
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Aiyah Nonya on September 23, 2013 at 10:11 pm.

You can start with all the cooking I heard about….
Share leh ….

Che-Cheh on September 26, 2013 at 11:52 am.

Cooking? Wah share share la. πŸ˜‰
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