The trip to the outlet mall

By | October 4, 2013

I am no fan of outlet malls….it is a damn dangerous place to go….to waste your hard earn moolah!

My friend drove down from the north to the Cities with a friend of hers. We met up the next day, Saturday, at the outlet mall. I actually hitched a ride from another friend, since she needs do a bunch of shopping for her family before her trip home to M’sia.

It was a blah rainy Saturday. The only good thing was you don’t get wet going from one store to the other. The first store I went to was Aeropostale, the only place where I can find pants that fit me. No pictures but I bought 2 pair of jeans for $16 a piece…on sale.

Can y’all figure out what this line was for, with the crazy humans standing in the wind just to get in to that dreadful store!? There were 70% off plus another 50% coupon given out to customers. Btw, there were tons of folks from C*ina in that store.

I on the other hand went to the Corningware shop. I saw all these Correll plates….will get them changed some day. šŸ˜›

And don’t forget the Visons, too. I might get another smaller one. Looking at the price I was so tempted to get the whole deal.


I bought a few Pyrex containers for my dinner/lunches.

My friend’s friend bought a bag from MK also. It wasn’t as crazy as the other store with humans standing online to get their hands on those darn bags!

And my itchy feet walked in to this store…my dream snow boots for $138 yet I didn’t get it. The original price in the regular mall is around $160, I think. I tried it on, walked around, took them off, put them back on the shelf, took a pic and walked out. I’m going to keep dreaming about it. I might get it someday, somewhere.

I hopped over to Levis. Can’t find anything I like in this place but mainly more for my sister. I think her boys are into Levis. Think of it I was, too, when I was their age. I had a pair of 501 buttonfly, too, eons ago. It was such an in-thing back then. It’s now sitting in someone’s closet…yes, I gave it away coz my widening butt does not fit it anymore.
These 511’s I think are the ones my sister wanted for her #1. They are so cheap on sale, but it was only for that particular color…gray stonewashed.

We were at the outlet for almost 6 hours. I was tired and hungry. I bought a few clearance items from The Loft and couple of keychain LED flash lights from Eddie Bauer for walks in the dark. I wanted to buy another pair of Thermal insulated winter gloves from Columbia Sports but it wasn’t on sale yet. I have to make a trip after winter to catch the after season sales. Definitely not on Black Friday…the day after Thanksgiving. It would be a zoo.

Didn’t take too many pictures. This outlet mall is separated into 3 sections. We went to all three sections. By the time I was at the 3rd section, seriously I wanted to someone to carry me and sit my butt down.

My friend and I finally left the mall around 5:30 pm. Her last stop was at the dreadful C store, however, there were no more lines then. The crowd has dispersed…dinner time. There were a lot of empty shelves in the store…it’s as if they are free. I saw the bag my sister asked me to get her…it was $238 and with 50% off, you do the math. There were so many colors to pick. I bet if my sister was there, she will probably grab a few!



Aiyah Nonya on October 5, 2013 at 12:44 am.

What..!!! Took a picture of my bag without my permission !!! Go-na sue you… but then you can pay back by joining that lovely queue you dreaded. Yes…Ultimate revenge. LOL
The pyrex looks good too… a couple of those to add some weight plus the queueing… the thought of it already make my day !!! :)
The jeans look good but he wants one with zippers nd how he super kurus coz kena torture every weekend.
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Che-Cheh on October 5, 2013 at 5:04 am.

Fuwah my eyes go WIDE WIDE OPEN!!!!!

Day dreaming I can step into an outlet store in USA someday. Hahaha
The Levi’s jeans are so cheap. I’m actually more of a Roxy girl jeans. No longer own a Levi’s. But since it’s cheap… anything also can. And the Pyrex and Corningware, I would love to get some too. Hahaha Not a Couch fan but an Ugg fan like you.